Apps to help you on the job

The smartphone is far more than just taking calls while on the go. They can run a myriad of applications that turn them into the ultimate multi-functional business tool. Here is a list of 10 examples that help you get the job done at work. Dropbox: this cloud storage application allows access to files so […]


Skills Training in Ontario

Today’s labour market in Ontario is considerably different than from previous generations. Gone are the days where an employee performs one particular task, or even remains in the same career path throughout his or her working years. It is not surprising to learn that Ontarians will change careers at least once throughout their life. It […]


Top 10 Interview Questions To Prepare For

The purpose of the company interview and the questions raised during this meeting serve several purposes. First of all, it determines your interpersonal skills, or how well you interact with others. The interview also determines how confident you are based on your responses to the questions, and how quickly you think on your feet without […]


Aboriginal politics, jobs and the upcoming election

This is a federal-level election year in Canada, and Canadians once again are hearing campaign promises being made by the political parties wanting their vote. For the Aboriginal people of Canada, this is no different but for them it is regarded with an even deeper regard of cynicism and apathy. Native Canadians have very little […]


Dressing for the job interview

Congratulations! The company that had the opening for the position you applied for wants you to come in for an interview! Now it’s time to prepare. You’ve learned about the company history and current mission statement, read up on any news regarding the company, prepared responses for any questions the interviewer might ask, and even […]


What is the best resume format for you?

To begin, there is no single format to use when creating a resume, just as there is no single tool that can tackle all jobs around the house. The resume format chosen depends on the circumstances, but before we delve further into that statement, we need to understand the types of formats that are known […]

Managing money while searching for work

Managing Your Money While Searching For Work

It’s true what some people say: you are only one pay-cheque away from unemployment. The stability and certainty from having that once-reliable pay-cheque immediately disappears and you need to make both short- and long-term plans to ride things out until you find a job again. While it is both acceptable and understandable to take a […]


What type of work are you looking for?

What do you want to be when you grow up? That is a question every child is asked at least once during the formative years, but it is a very good one. This question is the child-friendly version of, “What type of work are you looking for?”. It’s a question you need to understand clearly […]


Job Search Advice For Graduates

Congratulations, graduate! You have finally completed your lengthy educational journey pursuing knowledge in hopes to be successful in the working world. The time has come to enter the contemporary marketplace where “Survival Of The Fittest” is the rule of thumb. Based on your education, you are most likely aware of the kind of job that […]


Construction Jobs In Ontario

There is currently a shortage of construction professionals in Canada.  As the population ages and people in skilled trades retire, there is a real need for new blood in the construction industry.  Retirements alone will result in the need to replace as many as 80000+ skilled workers during the next decade.  Many companies are resorting […]