Spring Cleaning Part One: Your Office

Welcome to Spring! The season officially started Friday, even if it may not feel very Spring like outside. With this change of season many will find themselves soon opening windows for the first time in months. Airing out homes and offices to the fresh spring air. And cleaning the house from top to bottom in […]

The Employee Experience: Corporate Culture

The culture of your company, commonly referred to as corporate culture, is there. Many companies often don’t actively seek out to define their corporate culture; it is something that happens organically. A general feeling or vibe of a workplace, whether positive or negative, high stress or stress free, these are all contributing factors to a […]

Diversity in the Workplace

When speaking about diversity in the workplace many immediately turn to negative thoughts. For most this stems from inaccurate preconceived notions. There are many positive reasons for employers to strongly consider minorities when interviewing and hiring. First being that it helps increase your pool of candidates. After all, how can you find the ideal candidate […]

The Employee Experience: Listening

Most of the previously written blog posts touch on the employee experience. In fact, you will be hard pressed to find an employer blog that doesn’t stress the importance of this. Yet still it can be one of the most overlooked aspects of being an employer. It isn’t that you don’t value your employee’s work […]

Preparing for a Job Fair

As the winter continues to trudge along and we Ontarians patiently wait for the first signs of spring, many industries will begin to hold job fairs for both seasonal and full time employees. Job fairs can be a great opportunity for both employers and employees to see what their options are and try and snag […]

Why You Should be Hiring An Apprentice

An apprentice is a person who is learning a trade from a skilled employer, having agreed to work for a fixed period at low or subsidized wages. And with our Apprenticeship Forum being held just this past Tuesday, I wanted to recap some of the advantages of hiring an apprentice. Many workplaces go through hiring […]

Increase Profits by Decreasing Turnover

Most employers know that employee turnover is one of their greatest expenses. Severances, training new employees, lost productivity are just a few of the issues that cost you dearly as an employer. So it seems fairly straight forward that if you can decrease employee turnover you will save money and increase profits. So the question […]

Mental Health in the Work Place

Hopefully you are already aware that today is Bell Let’s Talk Day. All over social media today you will find people sharing and tweeting with the #BellLetsTalk hash tag. Bell Canada will be donating 5 cents for each share, tweet or retweet using the hash tag on January 28th. The main idea behind this day […]

Delegation: Do it Vs. Get It Done

To be a great leader takes many different skills. And each skill set will very depending on each person and their profession. In fact, it is this knowledge of ones skill set that can be the makings of a great leader. Knowing where you are strong and more importantly where you are weak will help […]