How-To’s for everything from writing resumes to your first day on the job.


Apps to help you on the job

The smartphone is far more than just taking calls while on the go. They can run a myriad of applications that turn them into the ultimate multi-functional business tool. Here is a list of 10 examples that help you get the job done at work. Dropbox: this cloud storage application allows access to files so […]


Top 10 Interview Questions To Prepare For

The purpose of the company interview and the questions raised during this meeting serve several purposes. First of all, it determines your interpersonal skills, or how well you interact with others. The interview also determines how confident you are based on your responses to the questions, and how quickly you think on your feet without […]


Dressing for the job interview

Congratulations! The company that had the opening for the position you applied for wants you to come in for an interview! Now it’s time to prepare. You’ve learned about the company history and current mission statement, read up on any news regarding the company, prepared responses for any questions the interviewer might ask, and even […]


What is the best resume format for you?

To begin, there is no single format to use when creating a resume, just as there is no single tool that can tackle all jobs around the house. The resume format chosen depends on the circumstances, but before we delve further into that statement, we need to understand the types of formats that are known […]


Finding Passion In Your Work

Most people need to work to make money to live.  That’s just a fact of life.  Having a job doesn’t have to be just working for the sake of getting by or obtaining wealth.  We all want happiness in life and part of that can be discovering your passions and making changes in your career […]

Spring Cleaning Part Two: To-Do Lists

Spring is officially here and hopefully you have had a chance to clean out the office. So now is the time to implement the procedures you will use to help keep yourself organized! At the end of the last blog post I mentioned having file folders for days of the week to help keep papers […]

Spring Cleaning Part One: Your Office

Welcome to Spring! The season officially started Friday, even if it may not feel very Spring like outside. With this change of season many will find themselves soon opening windows for the first time in months. Airing out homes and offices to the fresh spring air. And cleaning the house from top to bottom in […]

The Employee Experience: Corporate Culture

The culture of your company, commonly referred to as corporate culture, is there. Many companies often don’t actively seek out to define their corporate culture; it is something that happens organically. A general feeling or vibe of a workplace, whether positive or negative, high stress or stress free, these are all contributing factors to a […]

Diversity in the Workplace

When speaking about diversity in the workplace many immediately turn to negative thoughts. For most this stems from inaccurate preconceived notions. There are many positive reasons for employers to strongly consider minorities when interviewing and hiring. First being that it helps increase your pool of candidates. After all, how can you find the ideal candidate […]

The Employee Experience: Listening

Most of the previously written blog posts touch on the employee experience. In fact, you will be hard pressed to find an employer blog that doesn’t stress the importance of this. Yet still it can be one of the most overlooked aspects of being an employer. It isn’t that you don’t value your employee’s work […]