What is the best resume format for you?

To begin, there is no single format to use when creating a resume, just as there is no single tool that can tackle all jobs around the house. The resume format chosen depends on the circumstances, but before we delve further into that statement, we need to understand the types of formats that are known […]

How to Write a Resume

Part Two: Writing The Resume Now that you have done the work to prepare for writing your resume it’s time to sit down and actually write it. Remember to keep in mind the goal of your resume is to get you the interview. Pause after each section and reread it slowly, will this pique the […]

How to Write a Resume

Part One: The Work Before The Writing                             A resume, by definition, is a short, point-form write up that gives potential employers a brief outline of your work experience, education and skills. The goal of any resume is to make sure you […]