Top 10 Interview Questions To Prepare For

The purpose of the company interview and the questions raised during this meeting serve several purposes. First of all, it determines your interpersonal skills, or how well you interact with others. The interview also determines how confident you are based on your responses to the questions, and how quickly you think on your feet without […]


Dressing for the job interview

Congratulations! The company that had the opening for the position you applied for wants you to come in for an interview! Now it’s time to prepare. You’ve learned about the company history and current mission statement, read up on any news regarding the company, prepared responses for any questions the interviewer might ask, and even […]

Top 10 Ways to NOT Get the Job

With an interview approaching here is a top 10 list of what NOT to do to get the job. Keep these in mind to help you prepare. And remember these are things you should NOT do! 10) Lack enthusiasm. You really don’t want this job anyways. It’s not a big deal if they call you […]

How to Prepare for an Interview

The interview process can be the most nerve racking aspect of the entire job application. You are really at a disadvantage when walking into an interview. The cards are all in the interviewers hands if you will. So when preparing for any interview you want to try to stack the odds in your favour. Strengthen […]