How To Accept a Job Offer

So you finally made it through your interview. All the stress and worry is over and paid off! You know you did amazing and now you’re almost at the end of process. First off, similar to checking to make sure your resume has been received, you should do a follow up to the interview. Again, […]

How to Prepare for an Interview

The interview process can be the most nerve racking aspect of the entire job application. You are really at a disadvantage when walking into an interview. The cards are all in the interviewers hands if you will. So when preparing for any interview you want to try to stack the odds in your favour. Strengthen […]

How to Follow Up on an Application

So, you finally got the application finished. Your cover letter has no grammar or spelling errors. Your resume highlights how amazing of an applicant you are. And you’ve addressed the application to the right person, submitting it using their preferred method. You’ve done everything you can, now you just sit and wait for the call […]

How to Write a Cover Letter

Part Two: Writing The Cover Letter To Get The Interview We have finally reached the last stage in the resume writing process. But don’t take this step lightly. I’m talking about writing is the cover letter. One of the reasons I suggest writing the cover letter last is because you have already developed a voice […]

How to Write a Resume

Part Two: Writing The Resume Now that you have done the work to prepare for writing your resume it’s time to sit down and actually write it. Remember to keep in mind the goal of your resume is to get you the interview. Pause after each section and reread it slowly, will this pique the […]

How to Write a Resume

Part One: The Work Before The Writing                             A resume, by definition, is a short, point-form write up that gives potential employers a brief outline of your work experience, education and skills. The goal of any resume is to make sure you […]