Regional Change

A large number of experienced workers are expected to exit the workforce in the Thunder Bay district in the coming years due to aging. The average age of retirement in the region is 59.5 years, well below the national average of 62 years. This will cause a gap in the workforce of experienced knowledgeable workers.

Gender Demographics

Women are also an under-represented demographic in Canadian mining (14 per cent compared to 47 percent in the national labour force). The women that are employed in the industry are mainly administrative and clerical roles. Survey results indicated that women represented on average 11 per cent of the workforce for district employers. To help fill the gaps expected in the workforce we are making efforts to remove potential barriers and ensure equal opportunities for women in the industry.

Hiring Requirements Forecast

Thunder Bay region will show an increase in required talent over the coming years.

Thunder Bay Region Hiring Forecast — 2022



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Website: North Superior Workforce Planning Board & Mining Industry Human Resources Council

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