Keeping the Peace: Creating a Pro-Positive Workplace

The workplace of today is truly a living ecosystem. Your co-workers and employees become a second family for the amount of time you spend with them. And in many cases their attitudes and emotions have a large effect on all aspects of your life. Off the top of your head you can probably think of […]

Employer / Apprenticeship Forum

Please consider attending this free Employer / Apprenticeship Forum (breakfast included) on Tuesday February 10th , 2015 at the Valhalla Inn. It’s a great opportunity to share your apprenticeship experience – what’s working and what needs to improve – and develop real solutions to promote stronger access to apprenticeship. Register via the link at the […]

Contingent Work – January Newsletter

We are so excited to release our first newsletter of the new year! Starting the new year off right we hope you are able to take some time and click here to check it out! This weeks blog post comes from an article printed in our newsletter.   The New World of the Contingent Worker What […]

Employer Forum

Literacy Northwest is hosting an Employer Forum on Tuesday February 10th. We will be posting details shortly, Stay Tuned! If you are an Employer; interested in hiring an Apprentice, please get in touch!  This conference will address all your questions and help make this a reality!  Make sure you attend!

Employers New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year! Welcoming in the new year always brings around feelings of change and inevitably millions of people setting their New Year’s resolution. Most people have an idea of their goals for the coming year, whether it is weight loss, being better with money or learning a new language. But few employers consider making […]

Top 10 Ways to NOT Get the Job – Part 2

Now for the last and most important points on our list of way to NOT get the job. 5) Answer your cell phone. The interviewer will totally understand that you had to answer your phone because it was your best friend who just broke up with her boyfriend of three years. And everyone texts while […]

Top 10 Ways to NOT Get the Job

With an interview approaching here is a top 10 list of what NOT to do to get the job. Keep these in mind to help you prepare. And remember these are things you should NOT do! 10) Lack enthusiasm. You really don’t want this job anyways. It’s not a big deal if they call you […]

How To Accept a Job Offer

So you finally made it through your interview. All the stress and worry is over and paid off! You know you did amazing and now you’re almost at the end of process. First off, similar to checking to make sure your resume has been received, you should do a follow up to the interview. Again, […]

How to Prepare for an Interview

The interview process can be the most nerve racking aspect of the entire job application. You are really at a disadvantage when walking into an interview. The cards are all in the interviewers hands if you will. So when preparing for any interview you want to try to stack the odds in your favour. Strengthen […]